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Nancy Terzian



I started painting mini portraits as birthday presents for friends. I’ve always loved art and painting, then one day I discovered these tiny 3 inch square canvases at Michael’s Art Supplies store and so I bought them and tried my hand. When I brought them to book club that night and handed them out to my friends they were all super excited. It got me thinking I should do more of these. Then a friend commissioned me to paint all 6 of her family members so that she could hang them in a grouping in her home. A lot of friends started expressing interest for these teeny tiny portraits, so I asked my dear friend Ronnie Brown to help me build a website. And here we are!

Besides taking mini portrait orders I decided to branch out and paint other mini pictures. Celebs like Willie Nelson and Oprah came to mind. Then little cottages, flowers, animals. I’m having so much fun and will be adding new paintings to the site all the time. They are originals, so once they sell they’re gone. Keep checking back, or special order your favorite.

I price my original paintings at $30 - $100 a pop, plus 5$ shipping. I figure everyone should be able to buy original art and if it takes me a few hours to do a painting I’d rather earn my money that way than driving for Lyft (I tried it, didn’t love it). So now I hole up in my home studio and put on good music and get painting.

I hope to brighten your home with a mini painting. They are on tiny stretched canvases (not flat boards), with depth, so you can tap tacks into your wall and hang them up. Once I "release" a painting to a buyer I sort of miss it! So I decided to also create printed magnets of them. Magnets sell for only $8-12 and are 2" squares. Dress up your fridge with your fave faces!

Let me know if you’d like to place a custom order. I can be reached directly on my contact page.


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